The Drip Coffee has been in business since 1992. The vision behind the organization was to create a presence in Orange County and grow the organization year after year. Michael Peltz, a native to Orange County had entered this business after many years working in the retail industry. Several years later Scott Cohen became a business partner to provide valuable business insight and to work on the growth of the business. more info >

Given the start of the Coffee boom in the nineties Michael (President) decided to spend several months researching the industry in order to identify how he could build a successful business in Orange County.

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Scott Cohen has always liked a challenge. His flexibility and varied skill set has made him an extraordinary businessman. Scott's experience is vast and spans a wide range of professional jobs.

Scott's role at the Drip Coffee is to identify additional locations in which the organization may continue meeting its long-term revenue goals along with managing the macro operational issues.

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