The Drip Coffee has been in business since 1992. The vision behind the organization was to create a presence in Orange County and grow the organization year after year. Michael Peltz, a native to Orange County had entered this business after many years working in the retail industry. Several years later Scott Cohen became a business partner to provide valuable business insight and to work on the growth of the business.

Given the start of the Coffee boom in the nineties Michael (President) decided to spend several months researching the industry in order to identify how he could build a successful business in Orange County. After a comprehensive look at the business Michael approached the owners of a Coffee Location at Hutton Center in Santa Ana. Several months later (Feb 1993) Michael was in business with his first location working for Koll Management at Four Hutton Center.

The business immediately became successful and within one year Michael was approached by Cushman and Wakefield Mgt to open another location at Three Hutton Center. The businesses ran for several years and had growth beyond any other business at the Center. Both locations prospered and combined, revenue reached nearly $180,000. Midway through the opening of the second location we were contacted by a customer about another opportunity at Orange Coast College. We immediately put a proposal together and were granted the location in August of 1994. At this point, the business had grown to 12 people with three locations running. Given the revenue growth at Orange Coast College, Michael decided to sell the Hutton Operations in order to fund his pursuit of additional College Campus locations.

In March of 1998 Scott Cohen (COO) joined The Drip Coffee to help grow the business to several locations. Scott's role in the organization was to identify additional locations in which the organization could continue meeting its long-term revenue goals along with managing the macro operational issues. Through our loyal customer base at Orange Coast College we were referred to Golden West College about another potential location in 1998. We approached Sodex Ho Marriott, at Golden West College and had our next location open within thirty days of our proposal. Our long term relationship with Sodexho has allowed us to provide our customers with an excellent consistent solution for many years. We believe Saddleback College is simply the next step in the growth of this relationship.

Our success at Golden West opened our next opportunity at Santa Ana College. We were approached by Sodex Ho Marriott at Santa Ana College and opened up the next location in January of 1999. We had now gotten the business back to three locations and were driving revenues north of $300,000.

After a long tenure at Orange Coast College we were once again approached to open a second location on campus. In August of 2001 the second location went live.
Our relationship with Sodex Ho Marriott allowed us to continue growing our organization. The sister college of Santa Ana College (Santiago Canyon College) had a need for a Coffee Kiosk vendor. We launched that location in the Spring of 2003. Over the years we have learned a tremendous amount about working with the schools as well as working for Sodex Ho Marriott. Our growth and success can primarily be attributed towards our commitment to details and work ethic.

Currently we have ten (10) locations running, with revenues of over $1,000,000. The team has grown in accordance with the business and we now have six regional managers with over 15 years of combined experience along with 40 other members of the team.

Through the years we have learned a tremendous amount about growing and running a business. Our policies and procedures have been created to allow the company to run efficiently and our experience has allowed us to build an incredible product mix.

We truly believe that our experience and success in this business will be more than sufficient to allow us to successfully run additional locations. This endeavor is simply the next step in the evolution of The Drip Coffee to meet its long-term goals. We anxiously await your response and look forward to the opportunity to grow our business.

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